You have managed to increase the traffic to your website but you don’t know how to convert your visitors into customers? I can truly understand your current stage. The longer your visitors stay on your website, the more they will engage, and higher the chance that they will convert. What if I can tell you that I have 11 tactics that you can follow and can easily convert your visitors into customers?

Provide valuable content which matches user interest

What are search engine users really looking for?  And how can you provide them the relevant content? These are the questions you must ask as you develop your website content. Majority of the website owners create content with an only purpose to rank and get website traffic from search engines. However, optimizing your content for search engines is important but you also need to remember that search engines are not the only one who buy products and services from you, the searcher and the person does. Your content should always covey valuable solutions and provide the information.

Present your content with the highest quality as possible. Don’t bore your website visitor and make them interested. Below are some amazing ideas by which you can create engaging content for your website.

  • Add videos, images, infographics and slide presentation.
  • Write as if you’re are talking to a single person.
  • Encourage comments ad to respond to it.

Create fresh content regularly

If your website blog hasn’t been updated in a year, and if the top entry in your Company News section dates to 2011, then it may be hard for your visitors to imagine why they would want to subscribe you. You have to show them that by taking the time to subscribe, they will receive meaningful updates on a regular basis.

Create marketing offers

Marketing offers are like a piece of content which you offer to your viewers which becomes free in exchange for information about themselves. Offers play a very important role not just only converting your visitors into subscribers but also on cultivating your current leads. Some examples of offers are e-books, white papers, videos, guides templates and d free coupons.  The most important thing to consider whenever you create an offer is to make sure that it is correlated to the solution your product or your service that is you are trying to sell.

Use different type of content

Changing the type of content you publish will help you to reach the different audience. Use everything which you can think that can add a touch every time you publish, you can choose images, infographics, videos, tutorials, news, complaints, case studies, experiments. Moreover, use your subscription button as a CTA and you are good to go.

Social engagement option

In today’s era, social media plays a very important role in converting your visitors into customers. We need to take every step to increase the social engagement on the website.  From inviting customers to be a part of a network to allow them to follow or post comments should be a single-click step.

Use forms

You need to make a form as easy as possible for a website to become a lead. Although, if you make your form too short you might not know if the lead quality is high or low. Never take forms for granted and always make sure to test different form lengths that could work best for you and your visions.

Thank you page

Thank you, pages are very effective in keeping your leads engaged on your website. A thank you, a page is a place where your visitor go after they have converted into a customer. You can create a thank you page that successfully sign up for your newsletter. Align them when you create your thank you page, depending on your goals and how far you would like to move your leads into a buyer journey.

Create landing page

Once you have created your offer, it is the time to create a landing page where your visitors can sign up for them to access it. A landing page is designed solely to capture a visitor’s information through the forms. Below are the best practices that you must consider implementing and testing.

  • Write an actionable headline
  • Explain the offer clearly. Write more benefits rather than the feature is important
  • Form length should minor the value of the offer
  • Include a relevant image, short video or animation.
  • Add social sharing button.

You can create a landing page easily here

Be a problem solver rather than being a seller

If you really want to attract more customers and subscriber try to be a problem solver for them. Rather than marketing your product and services by yourself. Let the visitors know that how your product or service will solve their particular issue. This strategy would make them feel that you cared and they are more likely to become your subscriber.

Make your homepage inviting and welcoming

Without a doubt, the home page is one of the most visited pages of your website. So, you need to make it an inviting and welcoming one for the visitors. Rather than overloading it up with a lot of information, just be open in telling what you offer and what visitors can get from you. However, it will turn away the visitors not involved in your services, the ones who will stay would surely be the capable lead.

Use the right CTA

The right call to action can be the difference between having content that your visitors want to consume whether it’s a blog or a video to post, versus a content that results in an action that you want them to take. With the right mix of engaging content and right CTA, you can convert so many visitors into subscribers.

Final words to convert your visitors into customers

The steps you have read above will help you to convert your visitors into customers. However, there are so many ways to utilize and improve each of these steps but these are enough as a starting point. Once you have SEO, great website and maybe great Google AdWords ads that drive traffic to your website. You can convert visitors into subscribers.

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Jessica Peter is passionate about understanding and creating a website design company. She is an enthusiast and keeps a keen eye on innovative ways been introduced in the industry . Her hobbies to connect and interact so is called a people’s person. She has also published articles on web development and marketing.

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