Running a successful business enterprise is not a layman’s job, yet it cannot be impelled by factors like age or gender? A right attitude is what you need to make your mark in this world. If you are still in your college days, and can’t figure out how to start up, read on for ideas on some low-cost successful business ideas for students.

Many successful businessmen started their entrepreneurial journey right from their college days. There are start-ups, born out from out-of-the-box thinking and have revolutionized the world. Are you willing to start your own business with minimal investment?

If yes, here we have compiled a list of 5 successful business ideas for students that you can start in 2022!


For companies, making a strong online presence is extremely crucial for survival. Modern technology has shifted to paradigm from offline business to using apps and social media platforms to connect with potential customers. However, most of the companies do not have the time or resources to develop their websites in-house. Hence, as students turning into website designer and developer is a great business idea with minimal startup costs. You can start as a freelance web designer by creating interesting logo designs for doing complete website revamps. Advertise your work by communicating with professors and fellow students and gradually reach out to the larger community.


Social media management is one of the best business ideas for students. Established companies do not have the time to manage their business on social media platforms and hence are on a lookout for outsourcing the job for them. As a social media manager, you need to manage your client’s social media networks and implement strategies to boost sales. Follow other influencers in the same field to learn new techniques and your start-up will definitely skyrocket over the time.


The need for good content for businesses is ever increasing. There is always a growing demand for fresh content to promote products, create a brochure and build a customer base. College students can easily start their career as content creators without any investment. A good command over English and flair for writing is all that you need to turn into a money-making business. Hiring students on an ad-hoc basis for creating good content also turn out to be a feasible option for businesses as well.


Do you like to make short animated movies or videos? Thanks to YouTube and other social media video sites, this has become one of the most profitable business ideas for students. Digitalisation has heavily contributed to making animation and video creation business bigger and bigger. As college students, you can produce your own low-cost feature films or create advertisements for established brands. There is also a great potential for video marketing. Businesses are hiring video creators to create conspicuous videos for their products to get a competitive edge over their business rivals.


Are you leading your group in almost all social events at college? If yes, why not market your skills as an event promoter and capitalize on it. The need for professional experts in managing events, big or small, has grown exponentially. Event promoter is a sensible business idea for college students that can be started with moderate capital investment. Success is guaranteed in this enterprise if you have good negotiating skills, right contacts and impressive marketing techniques.

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