According to development of technologies beside others we have noticed many changes in Television. LED TV takes less space than any other TV. You can get extra advantages by applying some techniques.

Internet Speed :

Internet speed is very important for watching HD video. You may use Netflix, Amazon or Hotstar streaming to watch tv. For playing any HD video internet speed is necessary. Low internet speed may stop for a while.

Minimum distance for watching LED TV :

You need to maintain minimum distance for watching TV. If you have ability to buy 55″ Led TV, you should not buy this. You should keep in mind about the size of your house. Generally 32″ LED TV look better in the 4 feet distance and for 55” or 65″ LED TV look better in 9 feet distance.

Using Correct Display Mode:

There are many settings options in the display settings options. Generally it is better to use standard settings. But while watching movies movie or cinema mode is better. Be careful while using dynamic mode, this mode uses more lights.

Turning Off Power saving mode :

Turn off power saving mode if you don’t need. This mode decrease the quality of pictures. For this reason pictures are not look so good.