The more you use your brain, the more your brain will work… the more you cut vegetables with a knife, the more sharp the knife will be. The human brain has a wonderful ability, this ability is known as nerve flexibility. With right stimulation your brain forms new neural pathways and changes existing connections. And the subject of learning something new comes to mind when the self-reconstruction will possess the incredible power of the brain. You can learn new information to increase your cognitive ability, which will increase the strength of nerve flexibility. Here we discuss about 7 brain exercises.

Brain Exercises-

Keeping the brain alert is the best brain exercises

Giving new experiences to the brain, such as touching, seeing or hearing something new, connects them to different parts of the brain, increasing the connection between them and dramatically increasing memory.

Brushing with the other hand

If you brush with your right hand, you will brush with your left hand from now on, or if you brush with your left hand, you will practice with your right hand from now on. This causes rapid and significant expansion of different parts of the cortex on our brain.

Bathing with eyes closed

Our hands can observe different parts of our body that our eyes cannot see. So take a bath with your eyes closed to give a new experience to the brain.

Make changes in all activities

The more we do each day, the more the brain receives or practices more of those tasks. So the brain has to be given new work. When something new is found, the brain becomes more active than before.

Invert familiar objects

When we look at things correctly, our brain responds less. But whenever we look at them in the opposite way, the brain begins to analyze their size and color. So keep the things in front of your eyes upside down. For example, family pictures on the wall, clocks on the table.

Brain Exercises games Puzzle or Word:

Studies have shown that people who have regular puzzle solving, scrabble, and sudoku matching habits have much better brains than others. When playing, all the nerves in the whole brain, including the memory areas of the brain, are activated which helps in increasing the memory and also does not cause the problem of memory impairment. So play this kind of game whenever you have time. These games can often stimulate the target area of ​​the brain that is extremely important to intellectual activity.

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