For The Next 6 Months, Become Addicted to these 9 life hacks habits, And You'll Be Unrecognizable By June 2023

Life Hacks 01 : Waking up at 5am

Waking up early means you're already ahead of everyone else.

Waking up earlier gives you more time


• Workout

• Plan your day

• Work on business

• Be more productive

It's a huge life hack and gives you more

time to achieve your goals.

Life Hacks 02 : Writing down your thoughts before bed

Writing before bed will improve your quality of sleep.

Here's what you can write down;

• Your goals for tomorrow

• What you're grateful for

• Any negative thoughts

This will improve your mental health dramatically.

Life Hacks 03: Learning an online skill 30 mins a day

With inflation rising and taxes rising, an online skill will save you financially.

Here are a few skills I recommend:

• Coding

• Youtube

• Copywriting

• Digital Marketing

• Content Creation

You can earn $50-$250+/hour.

Life Hacks 04. Spend 1 hour a day exercising

To have a good mental health, you have to also have good physical health.

Exercises that have the best results;

• Running

• Swimming

• Lifting weights

These will strengthen and tone your body fast.

Life Hacks 05: Sit in silence 10 minutes a day

Your mind is racing with hundreds of thoughts every minute.

Take 10 minutes to:

• Sit in silence

Practice mindfulness

• Give your mind a break

• Be present in the moment

This is an underrated habit for your

mental health.

Life Hacks 06: Create a proper sleep schedule

Sleep is essential for you;


• Mental health

• Reducing stress

• Improving your mood

Do this for deep and quality sleep;

• No screen 2 hours before bed • No eating 2 hours before bed • Make your room cooler

• Use blackout curtains

Life Hacks 07: Take a 30 minute walk in nature

Nature is proven to help you:

• Get rid of anxiety

Increase happiness

• Improve your mood

It's one of the best hacks for improving

your day.

Life Hacks 08: Read 20 pages a day

Reading will strengthen your mind and


• Increase your focus

• Increase your knowledge

• Increase your self-confidence

Just 20 pages a day will give you a huge return in life.

Life Hacks 09. Drink water with every meal Staying hydrated can be hard.

Water is essential for you:

• Mind


• Recovery

So take 1L of water to every meal and don't leave the table until you finish it.

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