Indian Pennywort leaves are a very well known medicinal plant. Scientific name: Centella asiatica; Indian Pennywort leaf juice is incomparable in curing diseases. Many diseases are cured through its medicinal properties. Indian Pennywort can be used as medicine for many diseases. Though its taste is bitter, but the implementation is quite useful. In the region, this page is called Teya, Manki, Titura, Thankuni, Adamni, Dholamanik, Thulkuri, Manamani, Dhulabegun, Adagunguni. Here are some benefits of Indian Pennywort.

Benefits of Indian Pennywort leaves and how to eat:

  1. Mix 1 teaspoon of Indian Pennywort leaf juice and 1 teaspoon of hibiscus leaf juice and drink it every morning to prevent fever.
  2. If anyone slipped and crushed somewhere, it will be beneficial to heat the Indian Pennywort tree a little and apply it on the injured area.
  3. Another way to reduce hair loss is to use Indian Pennywort leaves. How? Take the amount of Indian Pennywort leaves and crush it. Then make a paste by mixing basil leaves and Amla with the same amount. Finally apply the paste on the hair and wait for some time. After 10 minutes, the hair should be washed well. This will stop hair loss.
  4. If the face is dirty, the beauty is reduced, then 5-6 teaspoons of Indian Pennywort leaf juice should be eaten with milk. Regular drinking this juice will restore the beauty of the face.
  5. Mixing 1 teaspoon of honey with the juice of Indian Pennywort leaves removes harmful substances present in the blood. As a result multiple diseases are forced to stay away.
  6. Chewing 5/6 Indian Pennywort leaves every morning and playing it for 7 days cures diarrhoea. Indian Pennywort leaf beet mixed with sugar in leaf juice and taken two spoons twice a day cures diarrhoea.
  7. Indian Pennywort leaves have a special role to play in the Spyonins and other beneficial elements present in the body. So from now on, if you cut somewhere, you will immediately cut a little Indian Pennywort leaf and put it there.
  8. The multiple beneficial ingredients present in the Indian Pennywort leaves ensure that the secretion of digestive acids is like a tick. As a result, problems like indigestion and heartburn cannot arise.
  9. The amino acids, beta carotene, fatty acids and phytochemical present in Indian Pennywort leaves play a special role in eliminating nutritional deficiencies in the skin as well as reducing wrinkles. As a result, the radiance of the skin naturally increases.
  10. Stomach ailments are cured by washing well with the roots of 4/5 Indian Pennywort trees and drinking the juice together on an empty stomach. It is more effective for small children.
  11. Mix 2 teaspoons of Indian Pennywort leaf juice with a little sugar and eat it to reduce cough immediately. And if you can eat for a week, then there is no point. In that case there will be no sign of cough.
  12. In case of fever, mix 1 teaspoon of Indian Pennywort and 1 teaspoon of hyacinth leaf juice and eat it on an empty stomach in the morning. At the same time physical weakness also decreases.
  13. Mixing 4 teaspoons of Indian Pennywort leaf juice and 1 teaspoon of honey on an empty stomach every morning for 7 days removes blood contamination.
  14. Mix 250 gms of half a liter of milk and a small amount of Indian Pennywort leaf juice to make a mixture. Then take small portions from that mixture and start eating every morning. If you do this for a week, you will see the benefits.
  15. It is beneficial to cool the Indian Pennywort leaves with ghee and apply it on the wound.
  16. Mixing Indian Pennywort leaves with eggplant / papaya and cooking for a month increases digestion.
  17. Mix 250 gms of Misri and 165 gms of Indian Pennywort leaf juice in half a kg of milk and drink it every morning for 1 week to improve gastritis.
  18. 2 teaspoons of Indian Pennywort juice with a little sugar is immediately useful for whooping cough. If you do this for 1 week will be completely better.
  19. In case of children who are late or slurred in speaking, it is beneficial to hot 1 teaspoon of Indian Pennywort leaf juice and mix it with 20/25 drops of honey and drink it with cold milk for a while.
  20. Eating hot rice with Indian Pennywort leaf beet is good for stomach ache.
  21. Every morning 1 teaspoon of Indian Pennywort juice, 5/6 drops of turmeric juice with a little sugar and honey for 1 month is good for liver problems.
  22. If the nose is closed in cold, in case of cold, it is beneficial to take the snuff of Indian Pennywort root and trunk powder.

If you have any questions about benefits of Indian Pennywort, please let us know by your comment. We will reply your comment.

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