Best 3 Steps of Background Change

Background change of a photo is a regular work for any kinds of individual or company or in a shop. So It is needed to change background of photos. There are many software and applications for changing background. I have used here Adobe Photoshop an application of Adobe for changing background. By using this best 3 steps of background change you can easily change background of a photos. This procedure is also known as clipping path, making transparent background etc.

best 3 steps background change

  1. Select the area that I want to remove.

(Selection tool pen/lasso/magic wand tool/Quick selection tool)

Add selection – Press Shift key

Remove Selection – Press Alt key

Change tolerance to change density of your selection

  1. Make inverse selection

(for inverse selection you can go Select>Inverse or press Ctrl+Shift+I)

  1. Select Refine edge option

**Refine edge will be available in Lasso tool, Marque, and Magic wind tool

  1. Select a suitable view in drop-down panel
  2. Select smart radius and make a suitable combination of your selection.

iii. Shift the edge as needed.

  1. Use Refine Radius tool to add selection
  2. Erase Refinements tool to remove selection
  3. Decontaminate color if needed.

vii. Output New Layer with Layer Mask

(You can change it as you want)

Select ok.

A New Layer with layer mask will create.

Ctrl + [                   Layer down Ordering

Ctrl + ]                   Layer Up Ordering

Ctrl + 0(zero)      Photo Full Screen

Ctrl++                    For Increasing Canvas Size

Ctrl- –                      For Decreasing Canvas Size

Ctrl+J                     Duplicate Layer

For you here is also a video tutorial

Enjoy the power of Adobe Photoshop.


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