It is for the people whose are still looking for the shortcut and best way of memorizing vocabulary. Hope this Article will be very helpful for memorizing vocabulary. And everyone can use these techniques easily.

Today I’ll discuss most effective 5 tips for developing your vocabulary states. Let’s get them.


Association means to add the new words in your native language. It can help you to keep up the good score of your vocabulary memorizing. Use the new words in many sentences then you can be familiar with them easily.

Making an environment:

You can put a blank page in front of your reading table if you are a student or in front of your work table, you can also put a sticky note in your Computer desktop neither where you will find its maximum time. And write there your new words and practice them. For example, the word “abrogate,” which means to deny or cancel, can be broken down into a pattern of images based on the series of letters that make up the word. So, you might break “abrogate” down into “a”+” bro”+”gate” and then visualize a bro standing at your gate while you “deny” him entrance.

Read & Write:

For gathering more vocabulary you should read much Textbooks, Magazine, Nobel, and others related to your target. But It does not end here, write the new words on the blank page which you have pinned in your workplace.

Using Card:

You will find many new words here and there sometimes it may be not possible to remember later. So, you can use a small piece of card or page and a pen which you can put in your pocket. And write there your new words. By this way, you can be got the new words easily later.

Do not use the translator:

No, what I am saying that it is not to use the translator in every time. In this generation, we are usually very lazy. We do not like to do work-hard, and if we don’t get any meanings of words we directly go to the Google, Yahoo, Bing,, etc. and search for English to French, English to Dutch and much more. And the main point is we have to avoid it.

If we don’t get any meaning we should find out its synonyms. This will help you to get another new word also. So you should search for English to English or French to French, others to others.

Try them and you can enrich your vocabulary stock easily.

At last, want to say Do practice much more. Because you know that “Practice makes a man perfect.” The more you practice more you memorized.


Wish you the best.

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