Everyone likes to take a selfie. But the slanderers say that many people go to life in this self-destruct, and many people go to life. Now, you can say that this sophistication will allow you to get rid of your cancer. Scientists of the University of Washington have developed an app that can detect pancreatic cancer. If you know, you can catch pancreatic cancer by analyzing the cellophane, if the cellulite is taken.

The name of this app is ‘Biliscreen’. It will use a smartphone camera. Through computer vision algorithm and machine learning tools, the person who take the selfie will examine the white bilirubin levels of the white part of eyeballs. One of the primary symptoms of pancreatic cancer and some other diseases is that the natural color of the white part of eyeballs is different. The color of the skin and the eye becomes abnormal after blood bilirubin levels increase.

White color of adult eyes is more sensitive than skin.

If the level of bilirubin increases in blood, the white color of the adults’ eyes becomes very yellowish. If the camera can detect dangerous bilirubin through eye or skin, then the disease may be detected long before the time.

The chief researcher Alex Mariamakis said that the biggest problem of pancreatic cancer is that it is too late when its symptoms start to appear. So this app may be able to start treating these cancer patients in a timely manner. However, it is available on regular basis through regular testing. But that test is no longer possible. So people have got the arrangement that people can get messages of such a type from the fun activities of self-sitting in the house.

Initially, 70 people were selected in a clinical examination. Watching their cellphones lifted. This app analyzes the color of the eye in white. Problems catching up to 89.7 percent are correct.

In the UVCOMP 2017, various information has been published about the new app. Currently, blood tests test urine levels. But who does not test blood for pancreatic cancer until the problem is seen. So it seems to be the simplest and easiest way to catch ‘Biliscreen’ pancreatic. If at least this app is found to be suspicious, it will be available to the specialist on time. It will be possible to start treatment at the right time.

This app will not only provide information about pancreatic cancer but also the emergence of bilirubin in somebody’s body. So think of what to do with this app as well as the cellphone

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