Computer basic knowledge for college/university students are very important as they want to do well in academic life or workplaces. In order to advance itself, students should start learning some software work in the student community. Talking with teachers of different universities, it was known that knowing and learning about some software is important: Today I discuss something about this.

So, let’s start;

1. Computer Basic Knowledge For writing: 

Bipasha Matin, the senior lecturer in the marketing department of Daffodil International University, said that, crossing the boundaries of the university without knowing the Microsoft Word, it is worthless. He said, ‘Whatever you read about, it is important to have a very good practical knowledge of Microsoft Word. Quick typing and text editing can start with the various graphical data in Microsoft Word.

2. Computer Basic Knowledge For the presentation:

Do not read in the category of science, trade or human, you must know about presenting and presenting the presentation through Microsoft PowerPoint. Bushra Humayra, a business administration lecturer at East West University, said that presently there are compulsory presentations in almost all subjects in some courses in different universities. If you do not know the Microsoft Power point itself, you may have to face problems later.

3. Useful in accounting:

We can see the use of Microsoft Excel software seriously now. There was a time, when businessman and business students only know Microsoft Excel . Time has changed a lot now. Why not read science or trade, it is very important to learn Microsoft Excel to present information-data properly. If you know Microsoft Excel, you can add it to CV.

4. For students of science:

It is important to know about MTTL or Matlab software for students of science, engineering or math. Matlab works very hard to create data analysis, create algorithms and create a mathematical model.  Ragib Hasan, associate professor and computer scientist of the University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA, said, “Now the importance of analytical studies and research is increasing, the work-area analysis work-algorithm is working in the fields of work. All science students should know about the Matlab.

5. Photo editing:

It may be necessary to present a good picture in the presentation or to edit photos at a time. What do you mean by the presentation, your mind can not get a picture like Google. If you know the work of Adobe Photoshop, you can adjust the pictures. This will be more interesting in your presentation.

6. Video editing is also important Now:  

From beginner’s work to the university, many assessments or projects, students take help from the video.For video editing and making visually impaired video clips, it is primarily designed to work with Microsoft Movie Maker. You can learn software like Adobe Premiere for a better quality work.

7. Draw, design and graphics:

We have to work differently in different designs. If you learn Adobe Illustrator’s work for your own needs, then many graphics-related tasks are quite easily. Students studying in science and architecture must have an idea about computer-aided design or CAD. Various applications of CAD type software are seen in various projects at work and in research. Auto CAD and Vector Works can also be learned 

8. For informational research:

People are using SPSS STATISTICS software widely for market analysis, research explanation or data analysis. Sabrina Rahman, the lecturer of American International University Bangladesh, said, “The SPSS Statisticians should try to know from the outset of studying at the university. The multidimensional use of this software is implemented not only in university studies but also in business and business.

9. Learning Business-marketing:

Learning accounting software and customer related software is important. Especially who are going to trade in business at the end of their university life. Saimum Hossain, a finance teacher, and entrepreneur of Dhaka University said, “Now business and business have come all the way online. Enterprise resource software SAP, customer service related software sales force and practical knowledge about Tally software for accounting is very good.

10. What is more important to know: 

You can learn End note software for research and reference university. If you learn the Adobe Acrobat Reader-Editor and Foxit PDF Editor‘s work to create your portfolio or biographies. It will be of benefit to you.

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