Definition of Computer :-

There is no specific association of computer, everyone says the same, but if we say specifically, computer is an electric device whose work is mathematical calculation and logical operation. Let's say better.

Origin of computer:-

The word computer is derived from the Greek word compute, the word compute means to count and the word computer means calculating machine.

The computer was invented in 1822-1823, but then the computer was not what it is now. It was big in size.

The computer says everything in its own way, you can also say it yourself if you want.

Many of you are asking which is better to buy computer or laptop.

Many people don't get it right. Today I will highlight the difference between computer and laptop.

Ease of using the first computer

1. Can run for a long time.

2. PC won't heat up

3. Feels better to drive

4. You can change every part.

5. If it's bad, the service charge will be less, besides there are many more.

Ease of use of laptop

advantages of laptop

1. Can be carried anywhere

2. Speaker with webcam, wifi, bluetooth etc.

3. Nice to see.

4. You will get the battery with it.

Difficulty with computers

1. The computer cannot be carried, the remaining wifi, bluetooth, speakers etc. have to be bought by yourself, batteries have to be taken.

2. Not smart looking.

3. Does not take up much space.

Disadvantages of laptops

1. You cannot customize the laptop yourself.

2. The laptop heats up if you run it too much.

3. If it is bad then the servicing charges are high.

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