Hi, here I will share you some Photoshop tricks about make bootstrap guides. Guides are most important for make a clean and nice web template.

At first open your Photoshop , and create a new file containing  320 px/1024px/1280px width and height will be as your wish.  And then press ctrl+r to show ruler. and then select the move tool and drag from the ruler so that you can create guides. and draw as bellows information or as like as the pictures:

Web: 1280px width – 70px columns – 30px gutter
Tablet: 1024px width – 60px columns – 20px gutter
Mobile: 320px width – 10px columns – 10px gutter

like as this

make bootstrap guides

There is also some another easy trick for you so that you can easily ready your template contain.

you can download some free psd  file which containing  the guides. you can get this easily by opening this.

You can download them from here .

After downloading open which do  you have need.

There is also another easy tricks by which you get them by playing an action.

For this you have to download bootstrap 12 guides action.

You can download them from here .

After downloading past this file  in where your Photoshop software installed. And then find out Action menu in Photoshop such as Window>Action. choose the action and just small click on it when it will open choose the guides action and play this which will in bottom of action menu. It will play an automatic  file which contain a blank file with guides. It will great.

Love to all.

Thank you

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