Today I will share a very important steps for every freelancer. How can you get a payoneer master card with a US Bank Account and also with Bonus $25.

At first I explain here shortly about Payoneer Master Card.

payoneer master card

It is a virtual Bank. You will get an US Bank Account also.  It helps you to get payment from freelance market place. When you work on a freelance marketplace then you need to withdraw your funds. You can easily withdraw your funds from any ATM in your country. It is the easiest process to get payment. For learning more about freelancing you can visit here.

Now I will tell you how can you get. There is some restrictions for getting this card. The only condition is

***************You must work and earn money from Online market place*****************************

So Firstly you have to

SignUp from here

Then follow the instruction step by step.

If you face any problem. Please feel free to ask?


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