Photoshop is today’s most powerful graphics software provided by Adobe. Every designer is familiar with this software as it becomes part of today’s designs. It has about all the benefits of graphics software. You can easily edit your images with many custom filters and design with these helpful photoshop tips & tricks. Your unique and creative idea through this software.

let’s talk about some intermediate Photoshop tricks.

How to increase History states?

when we working in photoshop sometime there we need to redo and undo or need to go back or go forward. then we do it usually with Ctrl+z or ctrl+alt+z and we get back out past work. But there are some limitations to this history system.
we can customize this history limitation by these steps

At first, open the adobe photoshop and press [Ctrl+k] or go to

Edit (follow the attachment)

Select the preferences

Select the General

Select the performance

Select the History Dropdown

Now it is your choice to drag the dropdown increase or decrease your history limit

then Click Ok

Here you go..

Now check your history plan, try this. and forget about the lose 🙂

Helpful Photoshop tips and tricks will help you to make a eye catching design. Hope you’ll find it helpful.

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