How to make a free landing page with instapage

A webpage or a landing page is very important for marketing or for any business.

For making a landing page or website manually you have to buy domain and hosting. Or if you want to build a website than you have to know web developing and designing properly.

If you want to learn web designing to make a landing page you can see this tutorial.

If you want to make a website with a content management system you can see this tutorial

If  you don’t know that then you have to pay a lot of money for building a nice looking and proper fictionalized websites. After that there may be many problems at site management, content management, clean coding and function error.

If you do not want to face this kind of trouble then will be a good solution for you. There are many websites and content management system like this sites.  You may search them in the google, bing, yahoo or others.

I will discuss here how to make a landing page with instapage as it is very easy and quick process to make a landing page with instapage. Are you thinking how can is it possible. This opportunity has been given by some company like instapage. You can easily make a webpage or landing page with this.

There are many ready made webpage and you can edit it as your choice. You can make 3 webpage or landing page with an account. If you want more then you have to pay the instapage.

For more details you can see this video here. Here I try my best to show how to make it practically.

If you have any question please feel free to contact me. I am ready to help you and I will be happy for this.


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