Nothing can be done about cancer, the whole thing is out of our hands, but not like that. Our lifestyle can do some extent control the invasion of cancer. For this, I tried to tell what kind of changes can be made in the lifestyle. So let's discuss how to stay healthy:

Stay healthy by eating nutritious Food

One has a close relationship with food. People who are overweight or obese have been shown to have an increased risk of certain types of cancer. Obesity is associated with breast cancer and uterine cancer in men, and prostate cancer in men. Avoid these particular foods.

Avoid Fast Food to stay healthy

People working in some industries that are necessary for today's life such as IT, call center or some other professions get used to eating various types of fast food regularly under the pressure of the situation. Their working hours are no longer the same as five jobs, so they cannot always bring food with them from home and gradually become accustomed to tasty fast food. If they accumulate body fat by eating these foods regularly, they become fat and prone to obesity-related cancers.

Some Cancer-Prone Foods - Some foods are directly linked to cancer.

Red Chillies and Kebabs

Those who are used to cooking with very hot and red chillies for a long time increase the risk of oral cancer. On the other hand, those who regularly eat kebabs have an increased risk of stomach and esophageal cancer.


Those who regularly eat while drinking alcohol have a higher risk of pancreatic, liver and stomach cancer. Bengalis are very fond of red meat i.e. Khasi or Patha meat. But long-term consumption of red meat has already been proven to increase the risk of colon and rectal cancer.

Tobacco use

Smoking and any form of tobacco use increases the risk of cancer. Cancers that can be caused by tobacco are oral cancer, voice box cancer, esophageal cancer, lung cancer, stomach cancer, pancreatic cancer, kidney cancer and in women breast cancer and cervical cancer. It is not only smokers who are at risk of passive smoking.

Ajina Moto

There is also a debate about ajina moto, which is widely used in Chinese cooking. According to many researchers, Azina Moto is carcinogenic. However, there is also an opinion against it. Overall, it is not yet time to say conclusively whether this chemical is carcinogenic or not. However, Ajina is not recommended for regular consumption at all. Although it can be eaten occasionally.

Some anti-cancer foods

Some foods can prevent cancer. It has been found that foods derived from nature have some cancer-fighting properties. For example, fruits and vegetables. All these foods are rich in anti-oxidants which prevent cancer. But be careful about one thing. A lot of pesticides and chemical fertilizers are used in the fruits or vegetables available in the market now. So this type of diet can be counterproductive. So after buying such things from the market, one should wash them well (at least twice) or soak them in water and then consume them. This may increase the workload of the housewives but ultimately the health and safety of the entire family will remain intact. A high fiber diet has been shown to play a role in preventing colon and rectal cancer. So make sure to have a high fiber diet in your daily diet.

Anti-cancer drugs

There are drugs that work against cancer called chemoprevention drugs. For example, vitamin A or vitamin E drugs. They protect against cancer. Some other such medicines can be taken on doctor's advice. However, they are not required in all cases. People who are at risk of oral cancer have been proven to benefit from taking such medications as prescribed by a doctor.

Sex life

Many people may be surprised to hear that cancer is related to sex life. I don't know that there has been much discussion about this. Such discussions are needed to raise awareness.

Multiple sex partner

Physical intercourse is a vital need in life. But the question is how that association will be. It has been found that those who have multiple sexual partners may develop some types of cancer. For example, cervical cancer in girls.


Hepatitis B virus and Hepatitis C virus can cause liver cancer. The virus is usually transmitted from one body to another through sexual contact or through an infected syringe needle during blood transfusions.


 It is well known that the HIV virus is transmitted through blood and sexual contact. Wide publicity has also been carried out on this. However, many people may not know that HIV virus can cause some cancers based on sarcoma. In addition, the risk of developing cancer increases when the body's immune system breaks down in AIDS caused by HIV.

Oral sex

The main tobacco and alcohol intake increases the risk of oral or oropharyngeal cancer. But these days it is seen abroad as well as in our country, there is a lot of oral or oropharyngeal cancer among young children who have never consumed tobacco or alcohol in their life. Because it has been found that oral sex has a direct relationship with it. The HIV virus is transmitted through the oral route and causes this type of cancer even in non-smokers or non-alcoholics. It is very important for today's world and I think there is a need to be more aware of it.

A mechanical barrier should be used when intercourse is purely for physical pleasure without the intention of procreation. There is no better alternative because mechanical barriers alone do not allow fluid to flow from one body to another. Remember, the pill or any other such contraceptive cannot provide this protection.

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