First You Need to install Avro. but how use

To use avro Ubuntu mint you need to do following things. Go to your keyboard and press ( ctrl+alt+T ) open the terminal. Go to the following command and press enter step by step

  1. sudo add-apt-repository “deb
    rimkhan/xUbuntu_13.04/ ./”
  2. wget -q
    rimkhan/xUbuntu_13.04/Release.key -O- | sudo
    apt-key add –
  3. sudo apt-get update
  4. sudo apt-get install ibus-avro-saucy

After that, you show a message like successfully installed Avro on your machine

How to setup Avro On your Ubuntu mint

first, you click shown like as picture

right click on your keyboard and go to preference after that click on input method. check that sign on customize input method as the picture

go to select input preference and find Avro in search bar finally you add it

You well did you can enjoy written Bangla  on your machine

you can switch Bangla  and English press ( Super + space )

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