Business card Mockup design is not too difficult. You have to follow just few steps which will make your designs great. I discuss here some very basic techniques for making a business card mockup. By following these techniques you can easily design a business card mockup.

How to make a business card mockup:

  1. Take background of wood stucture or any you choose for background.

Make transform with distort so that it looks like a flatten background.                              Transform shortcut key : ctrl+T

  1. Take a new layer and select soft brush tool.
  2. Brush the top and bottom area
  3. Select the brush area and then select the background layer. Hide the brushed layer.
  4. Then make a gussian blur. Filter>Blur>Gussian Blur
  5. Then Click ctrl+D to deselect the selection.
  6. Take another new file with white color name it Front and move it to mockup file.
  7. Then convert the white fill layer to smart object.
  8. Make a distort transform of white fill layer so it look flatten in a background.
  9. Make drop shadow in blending option.
  10. Make drop shadow in blending option.
  11. Then duplicate the card as your choice.
  12. Click in any smart object icon in layer and then a new .psb file will open.
  13. Replace your card in the new open file.
  14. Click save and take a look in mockup file.



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