Make sweets at home is not so difficult or impossible. Milk cubs, molasses, milk are all in the hand. Why would you have to buy sweet? Take a look at my recipes.

Ingredients: 3 liters of milk, 1 cup of sirka, 5 to 6 cups of water

Procedure: Mix water with syrup. Milk milk in a large pot or pan. Once you get out of the oven, move down from the oven. After 3 to 8 minutes, keep 3 cups of syrup slowly. Lighten occasionally move lightly.

When the green water is completely separated from the milk, keep the water from the water in the water and keep it in the mouth for a while. It will leave the sarcophore talk of thinking. Put a clean wax cotton or muslin cloth and keep it for 20 to 30 minutes. All the water will come out of the chana. Now open the cloth knot and put it in a bowl. If you make half the amount of chana, keep aside half a cup of water with 3 cups of water. In this case, milk should be supplied to one and a half liters and make chana in the same manner. So make sweets at home is not so difficult.