Today I am discussing about my chrome extensions that will always helps you. These 10 chrome extensions are needed for increasing work activity.

Google Chrome is the most popular and widely used web browser nowadays.

According to Statcounter, Google Chrome is one of the most used web browsers in the world. It is much smoother and more user friendly than other web browsers. However, the use of Google Chrome extensions will make your browsing experience easier. Today we will discuss 10 essential Google Chrome extensions, which will make your internet browsing easier. Let’s find out –

1. Grammarly: As you can see from the name, this extension is related to grammar. It helps to find mistakes when you make mistakes. Now a days we need to send email and write articles for various purposes. It also gives guidance on how to correct those mistakes. For example – beard, comma or spelling mistakes. Add Grammarly in Chrome.

2. Video Downloader Plus: Use this extension to download your favorite videos from any website. Clicking on the download icon of the extension in Chrome browser will start downloading the video of your choice in a moment. However, they have some rules, such as: You can not download YouTube videos with this download extension. Add Video Downloader Plus in Chrome.

3. LastPass: LastPass is a password manager. With this extension you can save all types of account passwords. LastPass helps save passwords as well as create strong passwords for accounts. Forgetting passwords and remembering them later often causes us headaches. LastPass will solve your problem. Add LastPass in Chrome.

4. Ghostery: Blocking Ads with this extension, online tracker blocks those who secretly steal other people’s information and helps to browse websites faster. If you have this extension, you do not need to use the ad block extension separately. Add Ghostery in Chrome.

5. TinyEye Reverse Image Search: With this you can easily find something that matches any of your pictures! Add TinyEye in Chrome.

6. GoFullPage: This is a great extension for taking full screenshots of any page in the browser. It allows you to take a screenshot of a page with one click and edit it as needed. You can save screenshots in png, jpg and pdf format. Add GoFullPage in Chrome.

7. Earth VPN: As Internet users we all know about the use of VPN. There are many websites that use VPN to maintain privacy online or to block certain websites in certain countries or places. You can easily browse any website using this extension. Add Earth VPN in Chrome.

8. Speedtest: With the Speedtest tool powered by Ookla, you can easily check your internet speed. Add Speedtest in Chrome.

9. Simple Allow Copy: There are many websites from which you can not copy any content. If you have Simple Allow Copy extension in your browser, you can easily copy any content. Add Simple Allow Copy in Chrome.

10. HTTPS Everywhere: When visiting a website, if you see this protocol with https: // (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure) before that URL, you will understand that you have entered the site using SSL encryption. Which means you’ve entered a security-linked website. And all the websites that you see with http: // are not special security added. As a result, all those websites can be easily hacked and information is easily stolen. Adding https: // to any website you visit with this Google Chrome extension makes your browsing safer. Add HTTPS Everywhere in Chrome.


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