Hey guys Today I share some photoshop tricks. Hope they will easy you’re photoshop using.  Lets see them and try them.

1) Separate and organised layers:

Separate and organised Layer Photoshop is a great tool because you can modify, add or modify your project at any time. Photoshop can create a beautiful project through an organised layer layout. It will also help you to find out the objects easily and modifying them. Making best using of layers in photoshop is great as any other important using.


2) Use of “Adjustment Layer”:

If you use different colors or lights in your image, etc. “Adjustment” directly and if there is a mistake it can be very painful to correct. Therefore, the use of the “Adjustment Layer” is very important, because it allows you to modify color or light, etc. You can choose your best color just few transforming this adjustment. It’s great.

3) Some things to use “crop tool”:

Crop tool is an amazing tool in photoshop world for selection.When using “crop tool”, we will work with the “Delete Cropped Pixels” check mark because when you mark “Delete Cropped Pixels”, the image will be cropped by your image, but without selecting the rest of the image, the crop will hide outside the specified frame. Through this, and with the “Move Tool” you can set the right frame of your image.

4) Easily set “Brush”‘s “size and softness”:

When using various “Brush” tools in Photoshop, defining “size and softness” from “Brush option” takes much harder and longer time. But you can easily set the “size and softness” using the mouse and the keyboard. At the time of the Windows operating system, Alt key and Mac operating system can click on the right-click of the option key and mow and drag the “softness” down and down and drag the right-to-left to “Size”. You can also use the third bracket’s for resizing the brushes just ctrl+] for bigger and ctrl+[ for small the brush size.

5) Object selection tips:

Photoshop can be selected in a variety of ways, but it can be quick selection through normal selection tools (lasso and magic) and the selection can be made more subtle and incompatible with the “Refine edge option”. You can make better selection for background removing. Try this it will help you to make you selection quite right and smooth.


6) Use of “Sample All Layers”:

When working with various adjustment layers, masks and retouching tools, make sure that the “Sample All Layers” option is checked, because if the “Sample All Layers” option is checked, then there is less chance of misbehaving these effects and the effects are presented beautifully.


7) Use of layer mask:

When we work with a mask of a widget in Photoshop, it is not always necessary that the widget will have to be “feather the edge”. We can also fix the sharpness or softness of the widget through the “masks properties” option. It’s work great.

8) Easy uses of Zoom tool/Zooming:

Whooa, Now its about Zooming we usually use zoom tool or ctrl+ / ctrl-  for zooming. Now we  learn about new tricks that is we can just scrolling the mouse with pressing alter key. Another is just press ctrl+space bar the zoom tool will appear in the screen and then use its.


Don’t feel  nervous to ask about your Que. Me and our team always ready to help you.

Thank you

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