Reduce chatting on Messenger! Your sadness will decrease, your depression will decrease. You get involved in Facebook friends or relationships to be good! But, you don't understand! They are the cause of your depression.

 Those who have more followers on messenger, have more depression. If you want to be well, you love solitude. To be well, learn to love yourself. Learn to love your freedom. To stay well, avoid unnecessary conversations with someone on Messenger. Avoid hours of unnecessary talk.

 If you want to stay well, reduce Facebooking. Reduce chatting on Messenger. You will be well and happy from that day. The day when you are offline, the thought of online will not come to your mind. You'll be fine from the day you don't feel bad about not being online or in the virtual world.

 The cause of your depression is your countless friends online. The cause of your depression is unnecessary chatting. Because of your depression, you are addicted to Facebook. When you eliminate unnecessary words, unnecessary actions in life. Everything will come within your limits. You will start feeling better.

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