retouch photo

Retouching with Photoshop is a popular types of work. There are thousands of works in the online market place . It is very easy to retouch photo nicely  with photoshop.

You have to follow the following step :

  1. You have to adjust the color at your choice
  2. Then  take a new layer. If you want to remove the darkest area of the photo just click on the lightest area of the photo by eye dropper tool shortcut key I. And use brush tool to remove the darkest one. You use opacity only 15% and use soft brush
  3. Then duplicate the layer and remove the scratched area with spot healing brush, stamp tool, or patch tool.
  4. Then take a new layer and apply smart blur then take mask to make the specific area with brush.
  5. Then take another new layer and  apply lens blur also make layer mask with brush tool for the background only.
  6. Then the final result will be like this
  7. You can see the videos here


  1. Notice that the image isn t smooth enough, especially the hair, so I want to make it smoother by increasing the amount of the pixels. Choose Image Image size , or hit

  2. Thanks for adding the video tutorial. You have used Adobe Photoshop very skillfully to do this retouching work. You discussed about retouching and the detailed you shared are truly amazing. Thanks again for sharing you article.

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