Before buying domain what you should know

by Ideabuzz


Buying domain is very important for blogging. As a blogger you must know about domain but a new blogger must not know about it clearly. So it is very important to know what is your domain name before start your blogging and what will be the accurate price of your domain. Today I will share my idea about it.

Before buying domain you must keep in mind about some topics that you should be clear from the domain provider. Such as

  • Full control panel of Domain
  • What will the annual renew fee
  • About security of the domain

You should not hurry before buying domain, it is a great fault if you buy a wrong domain for your blog. It is the unique name for your blog or website that gives you a unique identity so be careful about it.

Try to buy top level domain name

Always try to buy a top level domain name, such as .com, .net, .org though .com is very familiar and easy to remember. Buy your domain similar to your company name. If you want to make a blog then buy a domain that matches to your service.

Others quality of a good domain is

  • domain name should be small as possible
  • domain should be keyword basis
  • domain name should be meaningful.
  • Numeric letter of  (-) should be avoided while selecting a domain.
  • Domain name should not match with the popular domain name.
  • Avoid long tale keyword in your domain name.
  • Buy speedy hosting for your domain name

Many hosting provider provides domains as like your choice. You can host many domains in a hosting according to provider rules.

There are many domain providers, you may select one of them that you like. After buying domain you will have to design your websites.

For designing and developing your websites you may like our web design tutorials.


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