You can see Indian heliotrope tree near the old building or among other weeds along the road. The curved inflorescence of this tree has white flowers. This ivory flower is like the teeth of Elephant. The tree grows here and there with weeds so it escapes the public eye. It is about one and a half feet long. The trunk is hollow, soft. There are small hairs all over the body. The stems at the top of the tree are square, relatively round at the bottom.

The scientific name of Indian Heliotrope is Heliotropium indicum

Benefits of Indian Heliotrope:

  • The juice of its leaves cure fungal infections in the body.
  • If the leaves are cut short and heated a little, the swelling is reduced.
  • In fever and cough, decoction is made by boiling the root of this plant with water.
  • Poisonous insect bites – Applying leaf juice reduces irritation and swelling.
  • Traumatic Swelling – Hot blended leaves reduce the swelling and pain.
  • Those who have a cold can drink two teaspoons of juice by irrigating the leaves of this elephant. This will cure your cold.
  • Typhoid fever: The leaves of this plant can be an effective solution in typhoid disease. The boiled juice of its leaves and mixing it with water cure Typhoid.
  • Eczema: To get rid of eczema, apply it on the affected area by rubbing the leaves of elephant tree.
  • In rheumatic arthritis: Mix the leaf juice with castor oil and apply it on the joints.
  • Swollen gums: Chewing the root of this tree reduce the Swollen gums .
  • Cut rags: In the place of cut rags, you have to crush the leaves of this tree and give juice. This will remove the cut rags.
  • Acne: If you have acne or its spots, crush the leaves and young branches of ivory tree and apply it on the acne 1 hour before going to take a bath in the afternoon.
  • In pharyngitis – Gargle the leaf juice mixed with a little hot water.

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