Mobile phones are now an integral part of our daily lives. However, if you do not see the time to buy the necessary device, there is no end to the embarrassment. Knowing how to recognize the real phone can put an end to all embarrassment.

To get the latest technology configuration set within the budget, you need to check the phone. In order to grab the handset of your choice from thousands of brands of smartphones in the market, you need its technical knowledge along with the market price. However, this does not mean that you have to be very good at smartphones. This knowledge basically points to caution about whether the phone being bought is genuine or counterfeit. Many a times due to carelessness one has to be deceived by buying fake phones from the most reputed company. So today's article is about the important things to know the right phone.

The difference between official and unofficial phones.

Original phones enter the country's market legally by paying VAT. At the same time, their IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) numbers are registered in the government database. Similarly, IMEI numbers of domestically manufactured phones are also registered in the country's mobile phone database. Naturally, the price of these official phones is higher. On the other hand, the price of imported counterfeit phones is relatively low due to non-payment of VAT. These phones look exactly like the official phones and at first work just like the original phones. But later on you have to face various problems while using the phone.

The risk of buying an unofficial phone.

Malware attack

One of the major dangers of using a counterfeit mobile set is malware infection. This malware can spread across the network to which the phone is connected. It can also infect other mobile phones connected to the network. The most dangerous of these malware is key-logging. With this, when a hacker gains access to the phone, they start sending malicious links to the phone. As soon as the phone user clicks on that link, the necessary information of the phone and the personal information of the user is smuggled without his knowledge.

Risk of ransomware

Ransomware can easily destroy important files on a fake mobile phone. As a result, the phone user cannot use those files. Like malware, it can infect any phone connected to any network.

Insecure Operating System (OS)

Fake mobile phones are not updated periodically. As a result, the phone does not work with full efficiency. Generates inaccurate reports on OS device models, CPU cores, RAM, storage, etc. Gradually the phone becomes unusable.

Health risks

Original phone manufacturers thoroughly test their devices before selling them on the market. The purpose is one and the same - to ensure the safety of customers. Registered companies such as Apple and Android ensure national and international security protocols and security standards. Most phone manufacturers make it a point to avoid exposure to radio frequency emissions. Registered organizations ensure the quality of mobile devices, chargers and batteries to meet each level of protection. Especially in the case of battery testing, these companies follow sophisticated methods uncompromisingly On the other hand, counterfeit mobiles, chargers and batteries do not go through thorough testing. As a result, customer safety is completely out of the question. The incident of battery explosion through various mass media is not new at all. Due to its close proximity to the body, the object, which in an instant turned into a time bomb, caused terrible damage to the customers. Low quality batteries mean the harmful effects of chemical reactions inside, which can lead to disability in the final stages.

Defective network

A common complaint among unofficial phone subscribers is network disruption. For example, hearing a sound in the background while calling. Fake phones naturally fail to receive calls. Network bars are not even seen in some places. In addition, the network speed of counterfeit devices is low, which gives customers an extremely frustrating experience. Fake phone signals and call failures are more common in most locations. Shortly after buying the phone, they decided to replace it. On the other hand, a genuine phone can be easily called and received without any problem.

Environmental risk

Counterfeit devices, chargers and batteries are made of substandard material. The chemicals in it are not only harmful to humans, but can also harm the environment. The cheap and low quality metals and chemicals used to make such devices are not tested in the lab. Naturally, these phones are faulty and can cause immediate damage to the property of the users around them. Mercury and lead in unofficial phones can cause environmental hazards. These include chemicals such as copper, cadmium, lithium, zinc and arsenic that can disrupt the ecosystem.

How to verify official phone?

Official phone verification through BTRC IMEI number

In the case of Android phones Each official smartphone has a 15-digit IMEI number. This is different for each phone, which is also mentioned in the packaging of the device. This code is enough to recognize an official phone from an unofficial phone. In other words, to verify the actual phone, first of all you have to find this 15-digit IMEI code. This search can be run in two ways: The first is to dial 6 * # 06 # and immediately the 15-digit IMEI number will appear on the mobile screen. Another search method is through the phone's settings. You need to find out about the device from the settings. If you click here, you have to select the status from the second screen. It will then display the desired IMEI number on the mobile screen. Now you have to go to website from any browser (such as Google Chrome) from computer or mobile. Then enter the 15-digit IMEI number in the visible dialog box and click on Check. Instantly all the information on the phone will be displayed automatically. In this part, if the screen of the phone shows something different without showing the information of the phone, then it should be understood that it is a fake phone.

In the case of the iPhone

First you have to check the serial number of the phone in the SIM card slot. Or you can get the serial number from Settings to General then About. Now you have to go to website from mobile or computer. Then type the serial number in the dialog box shown there and click on check. This section displays the message "Invalid serial number" on the screen if the handset is duplicated. And if it does not, then the mobile phone is real. Official phone verification via SMS Go to the mobile message option and type

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