There are many ways to make your PC faster. A fast pc will perform your work very quickly and easily.

There are many parts of a computer which are used to performing your operation . So while buying your pc always keep in mind about this.

There are some hardware requirement for a fast pc.

  • Try to use a high configured processor such as core i5, core i7 or latest.
  • Increase your ram.
  • A high configured motherboard will fasten your work.
  • Always select a best branded hard disk with high memory volume as high as possible.
  • Latest processor are configured for latest software. So try to use latest generation pc.

Software requirement for a fast pc :

Always a computer creates many temporary, recent, junk file and many other files while running a application. These files may slow down your pc.  You must delete your temporary , recent, and junk file regularly.

for this you have to go to run option.

Then type prefetch and then enter button. Prefetch file will appears. Permanently delete this.

Then type recent and then enter button. Recent file will appears. Permanently delete this.

Then type Temp and then enter button. Temporary file will appears. Permanently delete this.

Then type %temp% and then enter button. %temp% file will appears. Permanently delete this.

Or There are many third party software to delete them easily . you can use third party software for this like c cleaner.

*** Uninstall all unused software.

Many unused software can slow down your pc, as they are using your pc ram and processor equally. Kill the startup application thats start with your pc starts.

****Delete all unused files.

****Always try to use latest version of windows.

This will make your pc more faster.

If you face any problem. Please feel free to comment. I am available to give all the answers of your problem.

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