Top 10 Affiliate marketing formula to success

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Top 10 Affiliate marketing formula which will make you successful

Now a days affiliate marketing become very popular. Top 10 Affiliate marketing formula that will make you success in affiliate marketing and email marketing. In now days affiliate marketing has become the most popular sectors of marketing. First you can ask?

What is Affiliate Marketing?

It is a online based marketing system, by which you can earn money by promoting others company products. You may use email marketing, or can make a blog site or can make a product page for products or make a video or can make a post in social network.

About Marketplace :

There are many marketplace where you can start . Or you can hear many sites for this. But I feel comfortable in these sites :


Step 01 :

In this step you have to open an account in your any suitable site. And give all correct information as required correctly . Don’t give any wrong information, otherwise you will repent for this.

Step 02 :

you have to choose a specific product for marketing. In choosing product you must keep in mind what clients are you target for and what product will give you good feedback. It is good practice to make a keyword research for the products that are you going to promote. You should keep in mind

Choosing a right product can boost your business 50%.

Step 03 :

After selecting products you have to make email swipe for promoting your product to your clients. In most cases the product promoters make email swipes. You can find them by checking the promoters webpage. If you will not find it then you will have to make as your choice. In email swipes you must link the product link so that clients can easily go to product page.

Step 04 :

In this step you have to open an  account in mailchimp clients by which you can send email to your customized clients in an specific time and an specific targeted date. You have to set your email sending time in the specific time when the clients are favourable for choosing your products. In most time opening date and the next 2 days are usually best time. There are many email  clients, you can choose one of them.

Getresponse, mailchimp are the most popular email clients.

Step 05 :

Landing page is necessary, you have to make a landing page where you will send traffic. There must be a form by which you be able to make a click funnel with the email clients and save the clients email and send email as your choice can redirect clients to the product page. You must keep in mind click funnel is very important because clients are not for only one products.

I will discuss the rest step in the next tutorial.

If you have any question please feel free to ask in the comment.

You can see all tutorial at a glance here.

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