The numbers of death of Corona virus is increasing worldwide. Covid-1 is spreading from one country after another. According to the latest report by the WHO, the number of affected countries is 7. However, the issue that has come up with the corona virus is unconsciousness. Therefore, experts are advised not to panic.

Here are advice for preventing corona virus

  1. To preventing corona virus, regularly use handwash that contains soap or alcohol. Because it is best to rub two hands with soap or handwash in pure water and the virus is destroyed. preventing corona virus
  2. Keep at least 3 feet away from people with sneezing. Because cough coughs, fluid is released from human mouth. In the surrounding air, germs also spread. In that case, the coroner’s germ can spread from you to someone’s coughing cough. So refrain from holding public meetings.
  3. Avoid touching eyes, nose, face Because with our hands we touch different objects. So there is the possibility of having germs in hand. Therefore, repeatedly touching the eyes, nose and mouth can cause a very rapid infection from hand to body.
  4. If you suffer from sneezing, cough or even a slight fever, avoid traveling. If you are sick or coughing while traveling, consult a doctor immediately.
  5. Be extra careful in infants. Not only Covid-8, children should be careful not to get infected with any virus. If a child feels coronary or infected, treat him well. Take care of him
  6. Must ensure breathing protection. There is no option to cover the face. In this case it is best to use a mask. However, you need to make sure the health of the mask you use is acceptable. Refrain from using a mask once you have cleaned it.
  7. Tissue should be used during coughing and coughing. By doing this, people in and around themselves will be protected from corona or quid-1. The tissue must be removed at a specific location. Spreading the virus can spread to others.

Don’t be afraid of general disease

  1. If you have fever, sneezing, cough or shortness of breath, consult your doctor immediately. If you feel ill, stay home. Follow the doctor’s advice. Because doctors or public health officials monitor the environment of each country. So they have no choice but to follow their advice.
  2. The Covid-1 virus has spread should monitor anyone from a country or area for at least 7 days. During observation, the fearful person has to be distinguished from the others. This reduces the risk of spreading the virus.
  3. Cook well and eat. Avoid consuming raw meat. Boil eggs or other foods well during cooking. If there is any germ in the food, it will be destroyed in the fire. At the same time, refrain from eating sick or dead animal flesh.
  4. Clean your living room furniture or use items, with antioxidants (antibacterial fluid). Clean the clothes and even the home cleaning brush daily.

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