Many countries of the world is at risk of corona virus (covid 19). Consciousness is very important to protect us from covid 19. Follow this top 6 methods to protect covid 19 virus.

  1. Corona virus is a large virus, with a cell width of 3-5 micrometers. So any mask that can withstand an object of this size should only be used, no need to go to the pharmacists.
  2. The virus is not airborne, it is large and heavy in size, and falls to the ground.
  3. Corona virus can survive for up to 12 hours when a metal surface is exposed. It can live for up to 5 hours on a cloth, and up to 5 minutes when applied directly to the body. Therefore, if you clean clothes with soap and water, it is possible to prevent coronavirus infection by cleaning the body.
  4. If the virus is exposed to a temperature of 22 ° -20 ° C, it will die, as it does not live in hot regions. Also, coronavirus cannot be effective if played in hot water and under sunlight.
  5. Stay away from ice cream and avoid cold weather.
Top 6 methods to protect covid 19

6. Warm – When gorged on salt water, the coronavirus dies and cannot enter the tonsils and lungs.

Top 6 methods to protect covid 19

By following these top 6 methods to protect covid 19 virus, it is possible to prevent corona virus in your world.
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