As if getting out of bed in the morning wasn’t hard enough, we always seem to be bombarded with all sorts of distractions whenever we first wake up. And while some of our morning routines are filled with healthy rituals to help jumpstart our days, many of us also practice AM habits that aren’t so beneficial. From hitting the snooze button to scrolling through your Instagram feed, here are eight things you should avoid doing after you wake up in the morning.

1. Mobile can not be tapped immediately after waking up.

Along with being bad for your mental health, mindlessly scrolling through your Mobile can not be tapped right after you wake up is a surefire way to lose track of time and your focus in the morning.

2. Don't forget to talk to your girlfriend or boyfriend after waking up in the morning.

3. The first thing you should do after waking up in the morning is to get out of bed and get fresh.

4. It should be kept in mind that lust should not arise in oneself in any way.

5. If possible, take a bath early in the morning after waking up. It will work a lot.

6. The point is not to lie in bed after waking up in the morning.

7. Lying in bed even after waking up means there is a possibility of having various thoughts in the head.

8. Try not to spend time in bed after waking up in any unproductive activities.

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