Today I will discuss accessing PC via Android. It is a very easy process with the following steps.

At first which software you have to need:

  1.  Remoter app for your Computer.
  2. Remoter app for your android. you can download it from here

 Now what you have to do is describing bellow:

A. Download the Remoter app from google play store for your android. Then install it and open it.

B. You will see a link of such as an app for your computer.

C. Download the app on your computer and install it and open it. Then you have to log in with an account. so create an account by given information they want.

D. Now close the software. And now open your mobile tethering hotspot. And your computer will get a WI-FI signal. Connect from there.

E. Now open the app from your android. and log in both devices with the same account.  You will get your network. And now you can access your computer with your android easily.


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